The Real Star of Our Office

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Many of our friends and clients know that my office manager, Warren Fabro, is a top rate legal professional. Warren does his job well every day. Each week I am told how lucky I am that he works with me. I know how fortunate I am. What many of our clients do not realize is that Warren is also an accomplished actor. And although Warren may kill me for doing this, allow me to sing his praises.

Warren’s professional acting career took off in 1988 in the film, Aloha Summer. Admittedly, the film never won any Academy Awards, but it is a very entertaining movie and Warren appears on the video cover. In fact, the NY Times wrote that “Aloha Summer is a magnificently photographed delight for surf-movie aficionados.” Besides it is the only film that showcases both Warren’s fighting and surfing skills.

Warren’s film credits also include the movie, Picture Bride (which starred Tamlyn Tomita and Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa). The LA Times called Picture Bride, “a gentle and eloquent tale of perseverance that blossoms finally into the most tender of love stories”. It is an important film about the period between 1907 and 1924, when more than 19,000 Japanese women immigrated to Hawaii to marry Japanese sugar-cane workers. These couples knew little of each other beyond an exchange of photos. Picture Bride is based on some of the actual experiences of many such women. I am very proud that Warren appears in this film.

Another important credit for Warren was the miniseries Blood & Orchids. This miniseries starred Kris Kristofferson, Sean Young and Madeline Stowe. It told the story of four Native Hawaiian youths wrongly accused of attacking the wife of a naval officer in 1937. Based on the Massie case, it handled the difficult questions raised when four Hawaiian youth were tried by an all white Court in 1930’s Hawaii. Warren ably plays one of the wrongly accused youths.

Warren has also had a distinguished television career. Last year he took off time from work to appear on the NBC crime drama, Hawaii. You may recall Warren’s character running from the police through the streets of Chinatown only to be cornered in a seedy bar. Soon thereafter, Warren confesses his part in a plot to rob tourists at the Honolulu airport. Surprisingly, Warren was completely believable as a low life thug preying on unsuspecting tourists.

Warren’s other television credits include Magnum PI (Tom Selleck was the second best looking guy on the show); Jake and the Fatman; and One West Waikiki.

In the summer of 2006, Hawaii audiences had the treat of watching Warren appear in a major supporting role to Richard Chamberlain in the Hawaii Opera Theatres fine production of The King and I. I was honored to attend the final performance. I am sure that I was not the only audience member who felt that Warren more than held his own with all of the other fine professional dramatic actors on the stage.

So that is a quick summary of Warren Fabro’s major acting accomplishments. Those of you who know Warren, understand that he would never “sing his own praises“. That is just one of the reasons that he is such a unique person. So the next time Warren assists you, remember, he is not just an excellent legal professional, Warren is also an accomplished actor.