The Kaloko Dam Case

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Our practice on Kauai continues to grow. We have been retained by a family whose property on the island of Kauai was severely damaged by the Ka Loko Dam flood. Prior to the flood, our clients’ home was surrounded by a lush tropical oasis. Beautiful landscaping nestled their spacious home from outsiders creating the ideal Kauai sanctuary.

Then, on March 14, 2006, the Ka Loko Dam breached, and almost 400 million gallons of water, 1.6 million tons, rushed down from the reservoir above towards Kilauea Bay, wiping out everything in its path, including trees and buildings. Most tragically, seven people lost their lives.

Our clients lost their home’s beautiful idyllic landscape in a matter of seconds. What was once an area flourishing in island vegetation was replaced with dirt and rubble. The massive trees and beautiful native plants on the property were uprooted and swept away with the rest of the landscape.

We are very proud to represent this family in their pursuit for justice. In a few years, we intend to write a follow up to this blog in which we will describe how we helped our clients restore their beautiful Kauai landscape.pings are currently closed.