"When one door closes, another opens…."

Proudly Serving Honolulu, Maui, Kauai and the Big Island

Since the opening of this office in 1997, I have been blessed with excellent support staff. I am especially proud that two of my former assistants have moved on to graduate from law school, and are now fine attorneys. And so it is with mixed emotions that I announce the resignation of my friend, Jennifer Brantley.

Jennifer was the friendly voice many of you will recall hearing when calling this office. Although I will miss seeing her each day, I am proud that Jennifer has now fulfilled her lifelong dream of becoming a Teacher. I will also miss her daughter, Cheyenne, who used to “camp out” in our conference room when “daycare” was an issue for her mom. Although, I expect great things in the future from Jennifer, I expect even “greater” things from Cheyenne.

Although I am saddened by Jennifer’s resignation, I am happy to announce the arrival of the newest member of our family, CherylAnn Miyamoto. Cheryl joins us with a very strong academic background and has just completed work with the Hawaii Legal Aid Society. Since Cheryl appears to be extremely interested in the legal profession, it is my personal hope that she will be our next staff member to go on to Law School. It is also my personal goal that by working in this office, CherylAnn, will understand that the practice of a law can truly be an honorable profession. Finally, Cheryl brings another “first” to this office. Cheryl’s husband, Tyson, is a member of the Honolulu Police Department. I am confident that Cheryl will be an excellent addition to our family.

Aloha Jennifer and Cheyenne. Aloha CherylAnn and Tyson.