I Have A Pulse

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A friend recently e-mailed me the link to an article from the June 22, 2008 Honolulu Star Bulletin.com column in which reporter Erika Engle wrote the following:

Certain blog authors’ possession of an actual pulse may be questionable,…
A completely unscientific perusal of other large local firms websites didn’t turn up blog links, but Honolulu attorney Philip R. Brown has one. His most recent entry was in February.


Ms. Engle seems to question, based on the recent inactivity of my blog, whether I have an “actual pulse”. Although it is common for people to wonder whether trial attorneys actually have a heart beat, my doctor assures me that my pulse is fine. Still, Ms. Engle is correct about the inactivity of my blog. This office has been very busy the last few months and we have simply failed to update our blog. This is not an excuse, simply an explanation. So, there will now be far more activity on this blog. And not just so that we can prove to Erika Engle that I have a pulse.