Suffering From A Construction Accident Injury?

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A Hawaii construction accident attorney who knows commercial litigation and has extensive injury litigation experience will be able to offer you strong legal guidance. Philip R. Brown is a Hawaii attorney who has worked for years in both commercial litigation and personal injury law. He has been successful in representing individuals and businesses.

Job sites are inherently dangerous places, and construction accidents range from injurious falls and being struck by materials or vehicles, to electric shock and other mishaps. OSHA documents workplace injury, and construction sites are, unfortunately, high on the list. Your best resource may be an attorney who not only understands this area of law, but, if necessary, can integrate personal injury issues.

If you have been harmed on a job site, Mr. Brown will determine whether minimum safety standards were met and what the circumstances of the accident were. If you are a builder or employer, Mr. Brown will work to determine your best defense including whether the injured worker contributed to his or her injuries. The sooner you seek counsel, the sooner the attorney can get to work interviewing witnesses and determining the facts of the incident.

An initial consultation with construction accident attorney Phil Brown will help you understand the process you face, as well as determine what options may be viable. Contact our Hawaii law firm online or call (808) 523-5900 for a free consultation today.