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The right Hawaii malpractice attorney will be one who understands all of the nuances of legal ethics, and the many ways a client can be adversely affected by negligent or willfully improper counsel. Hawaii attorney Philip R. Brown is an experienced malpractice attorney, with 20 years of experience as a litigator. He has a solid track record.

Philip R. Brown is a Hawaii attorney with a wealth of experience in the malpractice field, both on the mainland and in the islands. He knows the system, knows the most effective options for your case, and can guide you effectively through the legal process.

Legal malpractice occurs in many different ways - including if an attorney fails to pursue a case in a diligent manner, if the attorney has a conflict of interest, if the attorney "forces" you to either settle or go to court against your wishes, or commits any of a number of other improper practices.

Phil Brown prides himself as an accessible, friendly attorney who will listen carefully to the facts of your unique case and work with you to determine the best course of action.

Peers and clients recognize Mr. Brown as a highly ethical attorney. It is this commitment to offering the highest level of legal counsel available that makes him such an effective legal malpractice attorney.

Feel free to ask Mr. Brown any question you have regarding your case and legal malpractice through our private online form. Or if you would like to schedule a free consultation in Hawaii, call us at (808) 523-5900 to set up an appointment with Mr. Brown.