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The best Honolulu business litigation lawyer for your case will be one with extensive experience litigating commercial disputes. Business law can encompass such issues as anti-trust litigation, real estate issues, transfer of property, taxation and legal malpractice.

Lawyer Philip R. Brown has worked in commercial business litigation for over two decades, and he can offer sound advice on business practices and the law. Call (808) 523-5900 for a complimentary case review at our ofice in Honolulu.

Phil Brown: A Background in Business Dispute Litigation

Mr. Brown worked for two large and respected mainland law firms before moving his practice to Honolulu. He worked with Hunton and Williams in Virginia, and then sharpened his commercial litigation skills in the New York offices of Reid and Priest (now Thelen Reid and Priest). Due to Mr. Brown's experience in working with prestigious national law firms, as well as the reputation he has earned in Honolulu, he is often asked to be "local counsel" for both American and foreign firms who need a Honolulu lawyer.

Now firmly established in the islands for over fifteen years, Phil Brown has litigated multi-million dollar cases against some of the largest firms in Honolulu. However, Mr. Brown prides himself on running a "boutique" firm, offering all of the skill of a large firm at a lower cost to his clients. Mr. Brown has represented well-known and well-established businesses that come to him because of his reputation for offering the highest quality legal representation.

In addition to successful courtroom experience, Mr. Brown is skilled at arbitration and mediation. Since trial can be costly and time-consuming, many clients now request these dispute resolution options as an alternative to taking a case all the way through trial. But remember, the best way to resolve your case is to convince your adversary that, if necessary, you are ready and able to go to trial. Phil Brown has substantial experience in business law and is an experienced trial lawyer.

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