Mediation and Arbitration in Hawaii

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Phil Brown is experienced in all facets of mediation and arbitration in Hawaii. Although his firm is a boutique litigation office, we regularly oppose Hawaii's largest and most expensive law firms at a fraction of the cost to our clients. We litigate cases on the Hawaii state and federal level - Commonly acting as an advocate on behalf of our clients in Hawaii mediations and arbitrations.

Mediations and arbitrations are two of the most common forms of alternative dispute resolution available today. Both options allow you to avoid the inconvenience and expense of a lawsuit.

  • Arbitration is conducted when both sides agree to have a neutral third party decide their case. Although the neutral is usually a retired Judge or an experienced attorney, it can be anyone that both sides trust to fairly decide their dispute. Phil Brown has been honored to act as an arbitrator in several Hawaii cases.
  • Mediation is when the parties agree to have an independent mediator evaluate both sides of the case and recommend ways to reach a settlement. It is typically done by bringing both parties together on the same day and then leaving them in separate conference rooms. The mediator then meets separately with both parties and discusses the dispute and potential ways to reach a settlement. It is not unusual for a mediation to last an entire day, or even several days. Once the mediator believes that he has negotiated the best possible deal, he will either recommend a settlement or inform both sides that he believes that it is not possible to reach a deal on that day. Mediation is usually non binding, although both sides could agree to be bound by whatever the mediator decides.

Phil Brown has also been honored to act as a mediator in several Hawaii cases. Many clients tell us that because of the expense and uncertainty of a trial, they would prefer to try arbitration or mediation. We regularly represent clients in both types of alternative dispute resolution.

The Law Offices of Philip R. Brown is committed to providing the highest quality legal representation of Plaintiffs and Defendants in commercial litigation and personal injury matters. Because of our legal experience we have been honored to serve as Hawaii attorney for some of the state's most well known citizens and businesses. However, we take great pride in the fact that we strive to treat all of our clients with the same courtesy and respect. We understand that even the most modest cases are still the most important legal matters that you may ever be involved in. We are also very proud of the fact that as a full service Hawaii attorney, we have recovered millions of dollars for our clients.

If you are having a legal dispute with another party and would like to avoid the inconvenience of a trial or claim,
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