Questions to Ask a Personal Injury Lawyer

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Choosing a personal injury lawyer in Hawaii to handle your claim can be very difficult. The attorney you choose can be the difference between recovering compensation for the losses you have suffered and having to deal with your losses without restitution.

If you have suffered an injury in Honolulu, Hawaii, schedule an initial consultation with an experienced personal injury lawyer by calling the Law Offices of Philip R. Brown at (808) 523-5900 today.

Evaluating a Personal Injury Lawyer's Credentials

Questions you should ask any personal injury lawyer during your initial consultation include:

  • How many personal injury claims have you represented?
  • What percentage of your personal injury claims have you obtained a favorable settlement for?
  • How long have you been in practice?
  • Have you worked at any other legal firms?
  • Do you see any foreseeable problems with my personal injury claim?
  • Who is going to pay for my losses?
  • Are there any forms or paper I need to obtain and fill out in order to fully protect my rights?
  • How will you investigate the circumstances of my personal injury?
  • Will I be able to recover compensation even if I am partially responsible for my personal injury?
  • Can I speak directly to you if I have questions about my personal injury claim?
  • Do you represent clients on a contingent fee basis?
  • What options do I have to resolve my personal injury claim?
  • How will my case be protected if an error is made that can potentially damage it?
  • Are you in good standing with the Hawaii state bar?
  • Are there any conflicts of interests with my personal injury claim?
  • May I have a list of references and their contact information?
  • Do you have legal malpractice insurance?

When you are selecting a personal injury lawyer, make sure that you consider all aspects of your claim as well. If you have been injured in Hawaii, contact Philip R. Brown online or call (808) 523-5900 to schedule an initial consultation. It's always free of charge.